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Invoice Scanning Services from Cleardata UK - A professional invoice capture company.Cleardata provides invoice scanning services throughout the UK. Outsourcing your invoice processing can significantly reduce costs for your business.  

Cleardata is a ReadSoft Platinum Partner invoice scanning bureau and using their software to intelligently extract key fields from your invoices. This can significantly reduce manual data entry overheads. 

Our team processes over 24 million images annum, using the latest Kodak technology. Cleardata provides a complete range of invoice processing services. From scanning, to capture, processing, approval and payment, Cleardata can:-


  1. Invoice scanning mailroom.  Act as a virtual mailroom for your invoices and scan them on arrival. Once scanned, documents can be output to various digital formats, compatible with major invoice accounts payable systems such as Readsoft, SAP and Oracle.
  2. Scan & Capture. Scan your invoices on arrival and use Readsoft Capture Software to extract key data, e.g. Purchase Order Number, Invoice Number, Supplier Reference, Amounts. This data can be output to your required format, saving you labour intensive data entry processes.
  3. Assess your existing processes and provide appropriate scanning equipment and Readsoft Capture Software, so you can carry out your own invoice processing and data capture.
  4. Provide accounts payable workflow software so you can automate your entire accounts payable process, including verification, purchase order matching, authorisation workflow and payment.

invoice processing services

One of the largest scanning bureau's in the UK, Cleardata is accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security.  Data protection is key to our business. All staff are Disclosure checked and premises are protected by the latest in fire detection and security. We work with many blue chip and public sector organisations.

Cleardata offers invoice scanning, e invoicing and full accounts payable software solutions. Automating your billing and invoice processes can provide huge cost savings for businesses, providing full workflow for your accounts payable documents with minimul human intervention.

 Digitally receive your documents and help your business to:-

  • Go Paperless
  • Reduce overheads
  • Improve your invoice data accuracy
  • Automatically capture and OCR invoice data
  • Save time by taking away manual labour intensive invoice processing and data entry.

Cleardata is an approved ReadSoft Partner

Businesses often don't measure the cost of time involved in invoice capture, verification, data capture, distribution and management approval time.  This can be a costly problem for companies. 

Manually capturing data from invoices, credit notes, purchase orders and other financial documentation is time consuming work.  Inaccurate data entry can cause problems in accountancy systems and waste staff time in verification processes and senior management time for approval/authorisation. Invoice scanning provides accurate data capture for line item descriptions, supplier name, number and amount details.  

For more information about Cleardata’s Invoice Scanning and Processing Services call 0800 046 8081 or contact our team.

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If you need any help, please call 0800 046 8081 or contact us and one of our sales team will get back to discuss your requirements.

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