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aperture card scanning

Aperture Card Scanning Services from Cleardata, one of theCleardata provides aperture card scanning, digitisation and conversion services largest document scanning bureaus in the UK . The company provides aperture card scanning services using an experienced team of employees. Once digitised information can be provided in a wide range of formats including PDF and TIFF.

aperture card definition 

An aperture card is a type of punched card with a window into which a chip of microfilm is mounted. Such a card is used for archiving or for making multiple inexpensive copies of a document for ease of distribution. The card is typically punched with machine-readable metadata associated with the microfilm image, and printed across the top of the card for visual identification. The microfilm chip is most commonly 35mm in height, and contains an optically reduced image, usually of some type of reference document that is the focus of the archiving process. (source Wikipedia)

Aperture cards are used for engineering drawings from all engineering disciplines. Information about the drawing, for example the drawing number, could be both punched and printed on the remainder.

document scanning solutions

The difficulty with aperture cards is that they often stored in one place, and can only be viewed by one person at a time.  Having your aperture cards scanned can help your business save time, reduce wasted time and improve efficiencies in your business.

benefits of having aperture cards scanned

  • Save time and improve efficienciescleardata | aperture card scanning services | save time | multiple user access | UK wide
  • Once digitised, aperture card information can be easily accessed electronically from your desktop, providing flexible access for multiple users access.

For more information about having your aperture cards scanned contact Cleardata UK Document Scanning Services now. Call 0800 046 8081 or e-mail sales@cleardata.co.uk


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