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document scanning

Cleardata provides professional UK document scanning services and solutions, helping  businesses go paperless and digitise paper processes. The company is a trusted scanning and document management provider to local authority, blue chip and NHS clients.Cleardata offers professional document scanning services  Accredited to ISO27001 for information security and BSI's quality management systems, Cleardata aims to meet all security compliance requirements for your scanning project.

Cleardata's UK scanning bureau is set up for high volume scanning and can cope with bulk requirements for digitising your paperwork.  

We've invested in the latest technology for our bureau. The most recent addition being Kodak's i5800 scanner.  This scanner delivers advanced processing and excellent quality outputs.   The paper feeding technology ensures the scanner can handle documents of all different sizes, weights and types and delivers high productivity with no issues, such as double feeds. 

Cleardata provides intelligent digital indexing for all types of files, records and documents once digitised.  

Scanning and digital indexing will improve your document management processes for your organisation, ultimately helping your business to reduce time wasted searching for documents, reduce overheads and improve customer service levels.

document scanning services

Cleardata's scanning quality checking team

Cleardata strives to offer the best quality document scanning services, investing in the latest equipment and delivering 200% quality checking for all scanned images.  

Our bureau can cope with any size of document from small format e.g. A3, A4 or small format tickets and forms, right up to to large format drawings and plans in A1 or A0 size. If you have larger, wide format documents we can find a solution for you. The company has an in-house IT team who can help with your requirements. Our wide format scanners can cope with most paper types, eg. fabric, canvas, drawing paper or vellum. Documents or images can be scanned in colour or black and white.   

  • Post Room Scanning and Digital Mailroom - Our post room scanning or digital mailroom services are becoming increasingly popular for UK businesses. Cleardata will arrange for your selected mail to be sent to its bureau via a PO Box, where documents will be sorted, scanned and indexed to your requirements.  The company can also provide software to extract key data from your documents for direct import into your own back office systems, reducing manual data entry and increasing accuracy for your data.  This is a popular solution for businesses looking to remove paperwork and also reduce time spent on manual data entry, sorting, logging and recording letters, e.g. complaints, responses or customer enquiries.  Mailroom solutions can help you reduce costs and release valuable office space for core business activities. We don't just do scanning, we've got a team of qualified IT staff and partner with key companies like Readsoft to offer the latest in intelligent data capture.  
  • Aperture Card Scanning and Conversion - Cleardata's aperture team use specialist equipment to convert aperture cards to digital format. Scanned card information can be provided in a wide range of formats, including PDF and TIFF. Once digitised,  cards are searchable and can be viewed by multiple users.
  • Book Scanning  Services - Our team can scan any size of book up to A3. Books can be digitised in black and white or colour and indexed by chapter or any unique reference. Examples of books scanned include diaries, manuals, record logs, notebooks, and information books.
  • Microfilm and Microfiche Digitisation -Convert any image to digital format.  The most commonly used are TIFF and pdf.  Index microfilm or microfiche images by any key field, once scanned these can be easily searched straight from your desktop.

large format scanning

Cleardata's large format scanning servicesCleardata has invested in the latest OCE technology, capable of printing and photocopying large format documents and drawings. The company's team can scan large format documents up to AO in size and output to a range of formats, including TIFF and PDF. Employees are experienced in scanning architectural drawings, construction plans, engineering drawings and utility plans. Large Format documents can be scanned in mono or colour. The company has invested in a new OCE CS336 QS scanner, increasing the capacity and speed of its large format scanning service. 

invoice scanning services

Invoice scanning can help significantly reduce costs for your business. Cleardata can scan invoices and capture financial data directly into your accounting system.  This replaces the need for manual data entry and improves the quality of data. Let us act as a virtual post room for your invoices, free your business from paper and archive storage costs. Our IT team can provide a fully automated solution for your accounts payable documentation.  Cleardata offers online invoicing solutons and intelligent invoice data capture, using Readsoft technology. 

Watch our video to see Cleardata's document scanning bureau in action.




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